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To get there

to the ceremony & party
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By Car

Belinac is approximately at:

  • 20min from Figeac

  • 2h from Toulouse

  • 3h from Bordeaux

  • 3h30 from Montpellier

  • 4-5h from Lyon

  • 5-6h from Grenoble

  • 5-6h from Paris

  • 7-8h from Normandie

Car Rental: Less than $200 for four days from Toulouse. See Web Site

By Train

The closest train station is Assier (8min from Belinac). If you come from Toulouse, you could also look for trains to Figeac (20-25min from Belinac). 

Try to find somebody that can pick you up at the train station!
Typical Train Rides
  • From Toulouse: 2h30

  • From Bordeau: 5h

  • From Montpellier: 5-6h

  • From Paris: 5h30-6h

  • From Lyon: 8-9h

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:

Toulouse (8:57am) - Assier (11:44am)  (2h47)

Toulouse (1:03pm) - Assier (3:47pm)  (2h44)


Toulouse (5:04pm) - Figeac (7:18pm)  (2h14)

Toulouse (6:11pm) - Figeac (8:28pm)  (2h17)

Toulouse (7:09pm) - Figeac (9:24pm)  (2h16)


Be Careful: Figeac is ~40min round trip to Belinac. Be sure to have somebody able to pick you up.

Assier is ~20min round trip. 

Map: by car

By Plane
  • Easiest from Boston is flying to​ Toulouse and then rent a car (2h) or take a train to Figeac (some trains are 2h30). 

  • Another option is flying to Montpellier or Bordeaux and then rent a car (3-3h30).

  • Last option is flying to Paris and then rent a car (5-6h) or take the train to Assier (5h30-6h).


Flights from Boston (BOS) to Toulouse (TLS) look cheaper on:  (1100 USD on 10/2015)

Other flight search engines are: 

Reserve your flight early!!!

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